Many American homemakers and chefs are lost in their search for enticing ways to prepare tofu. Unfortunately, this is due to a shortage of information about the virtues and gourmet potentials of tofu in the West. As a Chinese food educator and native user of tofu, I have made it my mission to restore tofu to its rightful place in healthful cuisine worldwide. The Chinese have been eating tofu for more than two thousand years; from peasant to king, everyone embraces it as a delightful and tasty food. Those who have had unpleasant experiences with tofu have most likely only encountered it poorly made or improperly cooked. Authentically prepared tofu is truly a culinary delight.Welcome to our site. This is just a place holder page while we gather our content.

Having a general concept of tofu’s historical and social background, plus some basic tips for its use, will give you more confidence to experiment with tofu. I have authored two Chinese cookbooks, each of which involves cooking with tofu. I modify this website to serve as a window onto the art of tofu, to provide a platform for sharing tofu cooking techniques tips for tofu users, as well as to answer questions from readers. Now, after years of research and experiments, I am happy to announce that a cookbook dedicated exclusively to unveiling the inside stories and secrets of tofu has been published: Delicious Tofu: Recipes and Lore from the Land of Tofu for meat lovers and Vegetarians.

Even though tofu is the major theme of this website, from time to time I will also post some recipes of little known, but delightful vegetable and meat dishes for your culinary enjoyment.

Delicious Tofu

Angela Chang By Angela Chang